Advertising, Branding, Digital

Golden Stone Indonesia


Project : Website Development
Location : Surabaya , Indonesia
Objective  : Creating a website catalog for Golden Stone customer overseas.


PT Golden Stone Indonesia was established in 1996 and factories are located at the well known stone section in East Java.
After many years of pain stacking efforts, PT Golden Stone Indonesia has developed into a larger scale one with many quarries of marble and ocean pebbles,
two factories occupying an area of 39.000 square meters and some cooperative workshop in many major mineral forts.
The first challenge was to create a website that is well design to communicate what kind of product Golden Stone sell.
We want to make an online catalog for their customers overseas, so it will make them easier to choose and order from Golden Stone.



Results : We make a website with an online catalog in it that is based on request. We make it user friendly so it doesn’t confuse the customers, and we also narrowed it down to only serious buyers can asked for the online catalog. We want to make it as efficient as possible.