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Babymax Indonesia


Project : Branding Identity , packaging,  website development and social media
Location : Surabaya, Indonesia
Objective : Branding an eco-friendly baby cleansing product.


For Babymax, care was at the heart of the idea. Babymax guarantee that Babymax products are free of nasty chemicals and therefore, gentle on your babies' skin but effectively tough on baby stains and dirt.
All of our Babymax products are guaranteed by the gold standard in baby care, HomeFreeTM.
The challenge was to create a brand that can easily show that Babymax is a safe baby product.
And that Babymax is actually the first product that’s brave enough to show how safe their product are.That’s what we want to stand out.
Results : Using a heart symbol to show that care is Babymax foundation idea. We use turquoise and white color as the main color to symbolize that Babymax product is a clean and baby friendly product.