Advertising, Branding, Packaging

Kopi Bara



Project : Branding Identity, Company Profile and Packaging
Location : Surabaya, Indonesia
Objective : Branding a coffee product that have a high quality beans but came with a friendly price.


Kopi Bara only sell a high quality instant coffee, but it came with a very reasonable price. Kopi Bara guarantee their product quality to be the best. They also have a mission to educate Indonesian people about coffee and how a good coffee should taste. Kopi Bara believe that Indonesia as one of the biggest coffee supplier in the world, should have a good coffee for their people.
The challenge was to create something that’s suitable for any customers, because Kopi Bara are for everyone who love coffee. We want to make their coffee standout among others.
By showing how they respect the coffee industry and how they want to educate their customers.
Results : We decided to use a bold style and bold color to make Kopi Bara stand out. We want the customer to feel the spirit that Kopi Bara had, and also to show that this coffee is different than any other instant coffee.