Branding, Digital

PT. Tata Perkasa Abadi Indonesia


Project : Company Profile & Website Development
Location : Surabaya, Indonesia
Objective : Build a strong and clear image about TAKINDO to the customers.


PT. Tata Perkasa Abadi work around the trading industry, especially building material and construction industry. Based in Surabaya, but Takindo had already operates all around Indonesia. Takindo committed to always give to best to their customers, by always put their clients first and make sure that their delivery time will always on time. With more than 200+ satisfied clients, Takindo promise to always strive to give the best they can offer to their clients.
The challenge was to create something that suits the image of Takindo that are professional, dependable and trustable. We want to create something edgy and strong, but also easy to be understand by our customer.
Results : We use their construction photography as the strength of this design, because TAKINDO is a company that provide building materials, so the customers will understand right away.
Black is chosen as the main color, because black represent to be the color of strength and professionalism.