Avila Ketapan Rame


Project : Branding
Location : Mojokerto, Indonesia
Objective : Bring the true cozy lifestyle Avila offers into design.


Avila Ketapan Rame Hotel prides itself in offering service quality and coziness. Avila are  strategically located in the artery road of Trawas - Pacet and only 30 minutes away from Pandaan Toll Exit.
Avila Ketapan Rame Hotel is your transit home. Nestled in between Mount Penanggungan and Mount Arjuno, Avila are your best choice of place to find comfort like a home with convenience of a modern hotel. We ensure that your time with us is a time well spent both for relaxation and leisure.


The challenge was to create a cozy and modern design that can show what Avila have to offers to the guest. We want the guest to be able to sense the nature breeze and coziness through our design.
Result : We use green as the main colour, to show that Avila location is close to nature. So, the guest can feel the sensation Avila have. We make a modern and chic identity to make Avila look extraordinary.